Monsteras and Mimosas workshop with Wild Roots


Start your Sunday with good vibes and Monstera magic!

In this special Sunday morning workshop, we will be exploring the wild and wonderful world of Monsteras. We’ll begin with a brief introduction to the Monstera genus and then we’ll have an in-depth discussion focusing on the iconic deliciosa species. You’ll learn tons of fun facts, helpful care tips, propagation techniques, and more. We’ll end the class with a Q&A session, so bring us all your burning questions!

What is included in the workshop:

  1. An overview of Monsteras and their care by Wild Roots owner Amanda Hill
  2. A multi-page handout filled with Monstera facts and care instructions
  3. A Monstera Deliciosa with a decorative pot
  4. Complimentary mimosas 21+ (ID required)

About the instructor:

Amanda Hill is a lifelong plant lover who descends from a family of horticulturalists. She founded Wild Roots six years ago to share the magic of plants with her community.Moons & Monsteras is all about GROWTH.

In this workshop, we’ll discuss how you can harness the power of your astrological moon placements to revive your childlike wonder and nurture positive growth in your life. You’ll get to know your moon sign and two special points in the moon’s orbit at the time of your birth, known as your north and south nodes.

Date: Sunday, June 30
Time: 11-12:30
Price: $50 per person

*No refunds allowed for this class*